Texas Western Model Railroad Club


The Texas Western Model Railroad Club meets on Monday, Thursday and Saturday night at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM. We are not open on holidays.

The first Thursday of every month is the club Business Meeting.

The first Saturday of every month is Visitors Night and Open Run night.

Monday nights are what we call “Modern Run” night. Members with “modern” (post 1959) trains and equipment come to the club to run any era train, from ’60’s vintage GEEPS to SD70AC’s, early coal unit trains, and container trains. A few words of warning about running container trains: No “stackers”! Double stacked containers are too tall to run through several of our bridges and tunnels, and definitely will not fit under Houston. It is a good time to test a new trainset, program locomotives, etc. We say “modern”, but you could bring down the Tom Thumb if it was DCC equipped.

Thursday nights are normally “Work” nights, Clinic night, or “Training & Qualification” night.

Saturday nights are normally “Operations” night. The era is 1944 to 1959, the Steam-Diesel transition period.

Each operating session is a “6 hour” interval by the 2:1 fast clock, and therefore takes about three ‘real hours’ to complete. Thus, we “operate” one complete 24 hour “day” per month. At the end of each operating session trains are left in place, and the next operating session picks up where the previous one left off. Visit the Operations section for greater detail.

If you are coming in from out of town, and cannot visit on the first Saturday of the month, please contact one of our club officers to arrange a visit on some other day.

The Texas Western in General

If you have any DCC equipped locomotive, it can be run on the layout on “Open Run” nights. No other rolling stock standards are enforced on Open Run Nights except good conduct and properly operating equipment.

We are an HO scale model railroad using the Digitrax DCC (Digital Command Control) electronics for locomotive control. We are not a “standard” 12 volt DC, “Cab Control” system. We use “ProTrak” as the railroad operations program for train and car movements. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please call and make an arrangement to come by and check us out. You will be glad you did.

We are currently seeking new members.

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