Featured Listing

Move your hobby shop listing to the top of our listing pages with a “Featured” listing. You can see the featured listings by going to the Wisconsin Hobby Shops page. Featured listings appear directly below the map and above any other advertising on the site. Other features include:

  • Banner image above short description.
  • You can write the short description for your listing up to 50 words!
  • Up to 10 photos on your listing.
  • Store description can be up to 2,000 characters.
  • Featured at random at the bottom of every page on the web site.
  • No Google Ads on your Listing!

Our featured hobby shops are listed on pages all the way down to the city pages. Your featured listing will appear at random on the main page where no more than eight (8) hobby shops are listed. On indivudal state pages, where there is a limit of 5 featured hobby shops, your listing will appear at random every time the state page is viewed in one of 5 positions. The city page is limited to only two featured images, and your listing will appear at random in one of those two positions.

To get started with your featured listing, select a package and provide the name and location of your store, as well as the link to your listing on this site below. A representative of Railroad Depot will contact you to collect the necessary information to create your featured listing.

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